Galaxy Note 3 release date rumored for 2013

Galaxy Note 3 release date rumored for 2013

After quite a lot of rumours about the new Samsung phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 seems to have – supposedly – a release date settled up for this autumn.

Theoretically, if the rumours are taken seriously, we could have an official presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at some point in September 2013 (maybe at the IFA 2013??), in which the release dates and prices for the different countries would be announced.


galaxy note 3


Although these are nothing but rumours, it is worth to give a look at all the information that we have about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by now:


  • It is not going to look like the previous versions (Galaxy Note I or Galaxy Note II).
  • The screen is going to be 5.7 inches, slightly bigger that the Galaxy Note II screen size.
  • The back cover is not going to be made of easy-to-break plastic.
  • The RAM memory is going to be over 2GB.
  • It is likely to have a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor.


But not everything is about hardware. Rumours have been telling that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could include Android 4.3 Key Lime Pie (or is it Kit Kat? we are not sure yet!), being the first smartphone to be released with that Android version.


Besides all these exciting features, we shall not forget about the S Pen, one of the reasons that make the Samsung phablets so special. On each new phabletversion, the S Pen is improved and the interaction between it and the phone is enhanced.


If all these rumours are true, we may be facing one of the most potent smartphones of the market soon enough, as September/October are not that far away. It could make a lot of sense that Samsung launched a mini-event during the IFA 2013 in Berlin to announce the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and that then the release date would be confirmed.


Personally, I would expect it to be released on late September rather than on October, but that is only a feeling I have. Anyway, we still have to wait a bit more until we got some sourced information from Samsung on the presentation and release dates.